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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between HDPE and Nylon netting?

At the same twine size, Nylon is a stronger material than High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HPDE is naturally waterproof, UV-resistant, and will not rot, making it ideal for outdoor use. Nylon netting is also UV-resistant and has a waterproof coating. Both will work well indoors and out, but HDPE will typically last longer outdoors. Nylon is the material of choice for heavy duty use.

What twine size do I need for my batting cage?

See our twine comparison chart below to determine the best twine size for your needs.

Material type Breaking strength Material description and usage
#15 Nylon netting 144 lbs Minimum for batting cages with light use.
#42 Nylon netting 407 lbs Heavy-duty material used by teams and training facilities.
#21 HDPE netting 128 lbs Light duty grade for moderate use. Works well outdoors.
#30 HDPE netting 167 lbs Medium grade material for heavier use. Works well outdoors.
#42 HDPE netting 220 lbs Heavy-duty material used by teams and training facilities. Works well outdoors.

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What golf clubs can I use with the Swing Cage Pro and Swing Cage PVC?

You can use all of your clubs in both versions of the Swing Cage, from drivers to putters. The 10' x 10' x 10' net and frame of our Swing Cage is large enough to accommodate a full swing with all golf clubs and the combination of cage and impact panel will absorb the force of your shots.

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